The Best Treatment for Excess Skin After Pregnancy and Childbirth

Mar 03, 2023

The Best Treatment for Excess Skin After Pregnancy and Childbirth

Your body changes a lot during pregnancy, and extra skin in the midsection is lasting evidence of those changes. You can take off the extra skin and enjoy a flatter belly with a personalized tummy tuck.

Pregnancy and childbirth are complex and mystifying processes that result in an adorable addition to your family. While you might enjoy a “pregnancy glow” while pregnant, your body might look unfamiliar to you after you give birth. Many new mothers see lots of loose skin around the midsection because their skin doesn’t snap back to its original size after stretching to accommodate a pregnant belly. 

Extra loose skin on your abdomen can affect the way your clothing fits and dissuade you from wearing anything with a tight fit. You might avoid crop tops and bikinis altogether. If your postpregnancy body is affecting your self-esteem, consider reviewing aesthetic treatment options to remove the excess skin. 

Women’s Health Institute of Macon, Georgia, specializes in procedures to restore your prepregnancy silhouette by removing the excess leftover skin. Cosmetic surgeon Nnaemeka Umerah, MD, and board-certified family physician Anayo Umerah, MD, perform personalized tummy tucks to rid you of the extra skin around your abdomen. Once you recover, you can enjoy better abdominal muscle definition, a slimmer waistline, and a more flattering physique.  

What makes tummy tucks so popular

Tummy tucks are in the top three cosmetic surgeries in popularity. In 2021 alone, cosmetic surgeons performed nearly 243,000 of them. A tummy tuck is an ideal choice for women who have recently given birth and have extra loose skin around the midsection. 

Your tummy tuck is customizable according to your personal needs and preferences. During a detailed consultation at Women’s Health Institute, you discuss your goals with your surgeon who can then plan your surgery accordingly. With a close attention to detail, your surgeon trims away extra skin and fat. They place the incision strategically in order to minimize scarring or make your scar easy to conceal. 

In addition to removing the loose skin and pockets of fat, your surgeon tightens your abdominal muscles using a custom-made inner corset. After recovery, the swelling disappears to reveal a tighter, flatter belly similar to what you had before you got pregnant. 

Are you a candidate?

Tummy tuck surgery is an excellent cosmetic option with stunning results for many patients. During a consultation, the Women’s Health Institute team reviews your health to make sure that a tummy tuck doesn’t just align with your goals but also that it’s safe for you to get. You should also consider a tummy tuck in the context of your own life with questions such as:

  • Are you prepared for up to a year of healing?
  • Can you fit significant downtime into your life during recovery?
  • Can you stay at a stable weight?
  • Are you OK with having a scar on your lower abdomen?
  • Are you finished having children?

The best time to get a tummy tuck is after you’ve given birth to your last child. You might also consider the surgery if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight and are left with extra skin around your abdomen from weight loss. 

Start planning your postpregnancy tummy tuck today

A tummy tuck is unbeatable in providing stunning results to restore a flatter belly after pregnancy. Call Women’s Health Institute to schedule a surgical consultation or book an appointment online today.