Age Management

Age Management

At Ageless Aesthetics our sole focus is to help you stay young. We offered a variety of treatments and services that will help you stop the appearance of time and help you look and feel your best.Nutritional Supplements: Combine the amount of heavily processed foods that are readily available with busy schedules that leave little time to eat properly, it’s no wonder we find it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. Ageless Aesthetics offers the highest quality nutritional supplements that provide nutrients to support the entire body and to strengthen the immune system – the body’s natural defenses. Aging concerns and recent studies have led to DHEA research, which has resulted in the development of specific products to slow the progression of the effects of aging and degenerative diseases. Contact us to learn more.

Bioidentical hormone replacement: Bioidentical hormones therapy is available at Ageless Aesthetics. These hormones are naturally derived from plant sources like soy or yam. They produce identical hormone molecules to those in your body and because of that are recognized by your body. They are safer and far more effective than synthetic hormones. BHRT relieves a variety of hormone imbalance conditions such as pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, menstrual or migraine headaches and insomnia. Your consultation with Dr. Anayo Umerah will provide an in-depth look at the symptoms of hormone imbalance and the benefits of BHRT. Our BHRT also addresses remedies to decreased libido!

We partner with Biote to deliver the best in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy. Click here to learn more 

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