Fat Transfer Specialist

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Fat Transfer services offered in Macon and Warner Robins, GA

Cosmetic surgeons can use your own body fat to improve and enhance your body shape. Nnaemeka Umerah, MD, and the team at Women's Health Institute perform a fat transfer to help people meet their ultimate body goals. They remove unwanted fat from one area and transfer it to another, shaping your body’s contours for the desired look. To learn more about a fat transfer procedure and how it can help you reach your body goals, call the office in Macon or Warner Robins, Georgia, or schedule an appointment online today.

Fat Transfer Q&A

What is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing unwanted fat from one area of the body and using it to enhance another. The cosmetic procedure enhances your look, while providing more natural results.

The highly educated team at Women's Health Institute specializes in fat transfers. Many people are choosing the fat transfer over implants because there’s less risk of an allergic reaction or rejection. Plus, the body fat transfer feels and looks more natural than a body implant.

What is the process like for a fat transfer?

The team at Women's Health Institute customizes your fat transfer procedure based on your personal goals and needs. Your cosmetic surgeon extracts unwanted fat from one area of your body. Then, they process the fat, removing debris, dead fat cells, and excess fluids.

The team at Women's Health Institute uses PAL® (power-assisted liposuction system) by MicroAire®. The revolutionary tool allows the team to precisely extract the right amount of fat from any area of the body and use this fat to augment other areas.

Your surgeon injects the processed fat cells into the subcutaneous layer of your skin to get the desired look. 

The amount of fat extracted and injected depends on your body contouring goals. 

What parts of the body can a fat transfer enhance?

The Women's Health Institute team uses the fat transfer to enhance many areas of the body. Dr. Umerah has a wonderful technique for adding fullness to the breasts, hips, and buttocks utilizing your own body fat. The technique creates beautiful contours.

The practice also uses fat transfers to enhance facial features. The subcutaneous layer of fat under your skin diminishes with age, resulting in loose and saggy skin. The team replaces this lost fat during a fat transfer, plumping up your skin and erasing lines and creases.

Am I a candidate for a fat transfer?

The cosmetic experts at Women's Health Institute determine if you’re a candidate for a fat transfer after a consultation. If you have enough unwanted body fat, they can harvest this fat to enhance other areas of your body. Optimal candidates for a fat transfer are in good overall health. 

Call the Women's Health Institute or schedule your fat transfer consultation online today.