Will Body Contouring Treatments Help Me Lose Weight?

Apr 04, 2023

Will Body Contouring Treatments Help Me Lose Weight?

Trimming down is typically easier said than done, but body contouring treatments can give you a final push with little effort. Learn about these noninvasive treatments for fat reduction.

Body contouring services can swiftly trim down those bulges of fat that outlast any and all weight loss efforts. A double chin, a pair of love handles, or a slight belly pouch can all be sources of insecurity that stand out to you when you look in a mirror. Unfortunately, your body holds onto fat in these and other areas more strongly than others, and they can prevent you from fully appreciating the fruits of your weight loss. 

Worldwide, there is a strong interest in body contouring services with a market size of $7.8 billion. In the next five years, the market size is projected to increase by several more billion. It’s no wonder that body contouring is so popular as many people share similar concerns over their appearances, especially with increased social media use. 

Surgical and nonsurgical body contouring are specialties at Women’s Health Institute in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia, with people traveling to the practice from all over to get personalized treatments. Nnaemeka Umerah, MD, and Anayo Umerah, MD, have advanced training in body contouring procedures and can produce stunning, natural-looking results according to your goals. 

If you’re curious to know more about body contouring, we can fill you in on where to start and when to consider the services. 

Lose weight first, contour later

Some people who want to lose weight turn directly to body contouring treatments, but it’s important to be at or near your goal weight before you consider body contouring. 

Even though body contouring treatments get rid of excess fat, they don’t lead to significant weight loss. Instead, you use body contouring to reshape your body afterward by getting rid of smaller areas of fat that resist weight loss. 

The most effective way to lose weight is through long-term lifestyle changes including a healthy diet and habitual exercise. Once you’re happy with your size, you can visit Women’s Health Institute for a one-on-one body contouring consultation to discuss your goals. 

Your body contouring options 

Women’s Health Institute offers several options for body contouring, and you can review your options during your initial consultation. Your custom body contouring treatment might include:

Nonsurgical body contouring

Nonsurgical body contouring options typically use heat, cold, or energy to target and kill fat cells. Later on, your lymphatic system naturally flushes those cells out as waste. 

Women’s Health Institute offers minimally invasive body contouring using BodyTite by InMode, which targets and melts fat cells with radiofrequency.

Body contouring surgeries

Surgical options like liposuction, a tummy tuck, or fat transfer from one area to another can refine, define, or enhance your natural curves. 

Maintaining your results

The fat cells you remove with body contouring are gone for good, but you can still gain more fat in the future, which would conceal your body contouring results. To make sure your results stay permanent, you must continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This allows you to manage your weight and stay physically healthy in the process. 

If you’re ready to start planning your body contouring treatment or surgery, call Women’s Health Institute or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.