Plump Up Your Buttocks with a Fat Transfer

Sep 01, 2022

 Plump Up Your Buttocks with a Fat Transfer

The hourglass figure is always a desirable body shape, but not everyone has those proportions naturally. Find out how a fat transfer can enhance the curves of your lower body.

Celebrities and influencers often reveal newly enhanced buttocks thanks to fat transfer enhancements. A fat transfer doesn’t just give you a bigger tail end, it also lets you trim down fat in the area where the fat is extracted. 

Cosmetic surgeon Nnaemeka Umerah, MD, performs customizable fat transfer surgeries at Women’s Health Institute in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. If you’re looking to complete your bikini body with plumper buttocks, this surgery might be the right choice for you. 

Planning your procedure

Your natural fat distribution is genetic and unique to you. You don’t have any control over where your body tends to store fat, but there are certain body shapes that many women would prefer to have over their natural contours. One highly sought-after feature is a plump and lifted butt.

Going to the gym and following a healthy diet can only do so much when it comes to enhancing or altering your natural body curves. When you visit our office for a consultation, Dr. Umerah verifies that you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle before examining your natural body shape and asking about your goals for the results of a fat transfer. 

While deciding on an extraction site, Dr. Umerah considers where you store fat the most. Some women opt to use belly fat while others pull from other locations like their thighs.

What happens during your surgery

Dr. Umerah extracts fat cells from your belly, thighs, upper back, or elsewhere with substantial fat storage using PAL® (power-assisted liposuction) by MicroAire®. He processes the fat to remove any debris and extra fluid before injecting those cells into your buttocks at specific points to fill, shape, and lift them. 

Just like any surgical procedure, you get anesthesia to keep you numb during fat transfer. Your consultation includes a discussion about options such as general anesthesia and local anesthesia with sedation. 

The recovery process

Dr. Umerah discusses the recovery process with you extensively before you use a fat transfer to plump your buttocks. One key detail is that you’ll need to avoid sitting and laying directly on your buttocks for at least two weeks following your surgery. This means sleeping on your side or stomach, even if you don’t normally sleep in those positions. 

Soon, you’ll be able to sit down again but only while using a memory foam pillow or seat. Around four weeks after surgery, you can safely sit directly on your newly enhanced buttocks without memory foam again. You can, however, expect to be back at work in as little as 7 days. 

The somewhat complex healing period for a fat transfer butt lift may seem a little intimidating, but many agree that the trouble is worth the result. The transferred fat enhances your buttock shape and size for years as long as you maintain a stable weight. 

But what about implants?

You might be interested in exploring the comparison between fat transfer for your buttocks and butt implants, which offer similar results. While both procedures are generally increasing in popularity, fat transfer is increasing at a higher rate. 

Many women are turning to fat transfer over implants because fat transfer offers a lower risk of rejection or an allergic reaction. You might also prefer the more natural appearance and feel of the transferred fat over artificial butt implants. 

Ready to explore fat transfer to enhance your own curves? Schedule your consultation online or over the phone for buttock enhancement today.